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(*undergraduate co-author)

Papers in Preparation

  • Suwa, T. and J. A. Lau. Limiting traded resources cause context dependency in mutualism In Review American Journal of Botany
  • Lau J.A. and T. Suwa. The dynamic nature of mutualism during biological invasions. In Review Biological Invasions.
  • Suwa, T. The role of resource mutualisms in plant adaptation to abiotic environments. In Prep for American Naturalist
  • Suwa, T. and J. A. Lau. Ecological and evolutionary effects of soil moisture on plant-rhizobia interaction In Prep for Ecology
  • Grman E, R. Prunier, T. Suwa and J.A. Lau Competitive traits, not mutualistic traits, determine variation in legume response to nitrogen enrichment. In Prep. for American Naturalist